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Badge Sessions

To prepare for Collaborations, teachers take part in online professional development sessions (badge sessions) in the three areas: Global Education Strategies; Country Knowledge; and Global Issues.  

Teaching in the Global Classroom

Global Education Strategies

Global Education Strategy Badge sessions prepare teachers to use our collaboration platform and to understand how to teach alongside an international partner. Topics will include global collaboration theory, what it means to “learn globally, act locally,” co-planning and cross-cultural teaming, time management in a partnership setting, and best practices in managing synchronous and asynchronous collaboration. The "Teaching in the Global Classroom" badge is required for participating in any World Class collaboration.

Mashup - Country Badges

Country Knowledge

Country Badge sessions prepare participants to collaborate with partners in other countries. Cultural differences and similarities, political systems, approaches to education, and many other factors will influence each collaboration, so having a base of understanding about a partner country will make collaboration more productive and meaningful. World Class automatically awards a Country Badge to new participants in the country where (s)he is currently teaching. All other Country Badges must be earned through our online badge sessions.

Eliminating Global Poverty and Hunger

Global Issues

Global Issue badge sessions will give teachers the tools and knowledge needed to understand and teach about specific global issues. Each of our 3-week collaborations centers around a global issue such as Eliminating Global Poverty and Hunger or Developing Clean Energies. World Class will help teachers build their fundamental understanding of each global issue and will provide classroom materials and activities to support student learning.

Mashup - Languages


Language badges are awarded based on any language(s) that participants speak proficiently. Currently, all World Class programs take place in English, though.

How do badges work?

Teachers receive badges for each professional development session they complete. Badges allow teachers to display their qualifications on their profile and gain access to more Collaborations.