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World Class Collaborations are 3-week-long, online exchanges between schools.  Each collaboration focuses on an important global issue, and each follows an intentional learning sequence of Awareness, Understanding, and Action.

Eliminating Global Poverty and Hunger

Eliminating Global Poverty and Hunger

The Eliminating Global Poverty and Hunger Collaboration explores how poverty and hunger affects communities around the world, and how problem solvers are addressing the issue at local and global levels. Classrooms will take part in interactive web conferences with a world-class leader in the fight against poverty and hunger, and will work with each other to research the issue in their own communities.

Food Security

Addressing Food Security



Every World Class Collaboration program involves three weeks of exchange, with each week focusing on a specific learning goal.


Week 1 - Awareness

Week 1 focuses on building basic knowledge about the global issue at hand. Classrooms take part in a web conference with a leading global innovator or problem solver, a web conference with their partner classroom, and conduct basic research.


Week 2 - Understanding

Week 2 focuses on understanding how the global issue affects real people, locally or globally. Classrooms take part in activities that help them realize how the issue affects people in their own communities and around the world, and share their findings with their partners.


Week 3 - Action

Week 3 focuses on what actions future global leaders can take to make a positive difference, as it relates to the global issue being studied. Classrooms conduct a web conference with their partners to discuss what they have learned and how their ideas could be put into action.